On MKP’s 3rd congress new stage in liquidationism

This article originally written in Turkish language by Ibrahim Suphi, was published first in June 2014, in the special edition of the Partizan magazine It is in response to the propositions, analysis and the general line presented in the documents of the 3rd Congress of the MKP (Maoist Communist Party of Turkey and North Kurdistan). The MKP Congress was held sometime in 2013 and its documents were made public in Turkish language sometime in 2014.

We draw the reader’s attention to some major theoretical issues and controversies relating to the Marxist assessment of the current crisis, the mode of production in countries like Turkey, the strategy of protracted peoples war and the current situation in the world,… that is addressed by the author.

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Is China an Imperialist Country?


To friends and comrades, and all who hate imperialism and want revolution, and who believe that Marxism, Leninism, and Maoism must and can become a much more capable and effective force:

It has long been known and understood that the entire world has been under the control of capitalist-imperialism.  For a time, a section of this world broke from it, beginning with the victory of socialism in Russia and continuing through the Chinese Revolution, constituting a socialist world.  Yet, in time, the socialist countries, through internal class struggles in politics and economics, were seized by capitalist conciliators and advocates, and then by capitalists themselves, who were largely within the ruling communist parties themselves.  First in Russia, and later in China, when these counter-revolutions and coups took place, there ensued a period of entry and integration into the world imperialist system.  The Soviet Union, at first under the existing signboard of socialism, continued much of its established national and economic power relations into a new social-imperialist bloc (socialist in name, imperialist in reality).  The Russian capitalist-imperialist attempt to maintain this bloc, or important sections of what had been part of this bloc, and its historic allies, has continued in the years since the “socialist” signboard was discarded.  In China, the defeat of the proletariat and the capitalist capture of state power, after the death of the great revolutionary Mao Zedong, have also led to a period of integration into the world imperialist system.  China still operates under a “socialist” signboard, but has conducted itself unambiguously as a capitalist power.

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