Democratic people's power, socialism and communism

This is where the MKP is weakest with its anarchism-revisionism mixture of views. Bizarrely, however, on its problematic views on this matter, the MKP is trying to cover up its deficiency by referring to Marx, thus ending up preaching liberalism using the testimony of Marx. The views expressed under this title indicate that this is where the Congress falls most badly under the influence of the degenerations caused in the ranks by neo-liberalism. These views, expressed under the name of "Return to Marx" are by no means anything new. Almost every one of these views were once advocated by the German Left-wingers and their followers, during Lenin's time, and afterwards by the Spanish turncoats, such as Fernando Claudin. In short, this is where we find the Congress Documents flirting with such circles and making high pitch noises around their theoretical leftovers. Let's take a look at the Documents again.

Right at the beginning of this topic, there is a question to be raised. For some strange reason, in such expressions as "the scientific socialism doctrine of Marx and Engels, developed further by Lenin and Mao," (p. 105), Stalin's name is not mentioned. Is the fact that Stalin is not listed as one of the masters who contributed to the development of scientific socialism an accident of pen or is it a result of the MKP's deep contradiction?